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  • !SPECIAL OFFER! Northern Lights Hiking/Snowshoeing with OVERNIGHT at Polar Cabin -All included- (2-4 people) -Polar Cabin

!SPECIAL OFFER! Northern Lights Hiking/Snowshoeing with OVERNIGHT at Polar Cabin -All included- (2-4 people) -Polar Cabin

Address: Kynnmobakken 83, 9023 Krokelvdalen Date: Sunday 3 nov 2019 - Tuesday 31 Mar 2020 Show map

Address: Kynnmobakken 83, 9023 Krokelvdalen

Book Northern Lights Hiking/Snowshoeing with overnight at Polar Cabin. Unique experience that you will never forget.

This is special opportunity to connect hiking/snowshoeing and overnight visit in a norwegian traditional cottage. Breath the nature of Norway and just feel cosy and comfortable, romantic and excited. You can enjoy amazing Northern Lights above yourself, overnight at Polar Cabin and experience hiking/snowshoeing. Our staff will be available until approx 23:00. First we will transport you from city centre (hotel THE EDGE Clarion) to our Polar Cabin (approx. 30 minutes driving). Then we will walk/snowshoe 1,3 km, (20 minutes) from the parking place to the cabin. You will get hot dinner (traditional bacalao, tea, coffee, dessert) and you can wait for the Aurora in warm and comfortable way. After the dinner you can explore the surrounding area. There is never a guarantee of Northern Lights. It's your responsibility to check the weather forecast and if it is not too cloudy, your chance to see Northern Lights is higher. If you will not be lucky enough to see Northern Lights, you still will have at least one beautiful adventure from the Polar Cabin. Bring good, warm walking shoes and suitable clothing. Because it takes 1,3km, approx. 30 minutes up hill to the cabin, we don't recommend to take big luggage, max. cabin luggage if you must or just a bag. (You can store your luggage at your hotel/accommodation or in city centre.)

Accommodation consists of two bedrooms. Each room has 4 single beds. For private room , minimum 3 people is required. The cabin has electricity, water and there is one toilet, spacious social room with fireplace. Shower is available for the guests staying for more than 1 night.

Breakfast is served from 8:30 – 9:30. After breakfast the arrival back to the city is at 11:00a.m.

LEVEL: MEDIUM. Not suitable for guests with a heart condition or restricted physical ability.
Suitable from age 12 years old.

INCLUDED: dinner with dessert, breakfast, tea and coffee during all stay, snacks, snowshoes, poles, headlamps, guide, overnight, transport.

DURATION: 17 hours

TRANSPORT is included. You will be picked up in front of hotel THE EDGE Clarion at 6pm. Back the next day at 11:00a.m.


We offer also other activities you can check and book on www.polarcabin.no

Have an unforgettable adventure in the ARCTIC NATURE!

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